Access your Business Credit Reports


Once your clients have been approved for business funding, we then help them begin the process of building their business credit in Step 3.

The first step in building business credit is to see what is on their business credit reports now. The Finance Suite makes this very easy, and free to do.

Your clients first will access their Experian Smart Business credit reports. This will tell them if your clients have any trade lines reporting now on their report, if your clients have an active credit profile open with Experian, how many inquiries your clients have on their report, and more.

Everything your clients need to know from Experian to build business credit is supplied through this Smart Business monitoring, and your clients can monitor their credit building in real-time with this feature. Plus the Finance Suite is the only place in the world that Experian actually gives clients this data for free.

Your clients can also elect to enroll for full credit monitoring with all three of the reporting agencies Equifax, Experian, and Dun & Bradstreet. The full monitoring does have a cost if your clients elect to enroll, and your clients can monitor and access their reports directly through their Finance Suite, the only system in existence with this direct integration with the reporting agencies.

Your clients can also obtain their DUNS number through the Finance Suite for no cost. And their credit profile with Dun & Bradstreet becomes active when their first vendor account reports. This means your clients avoid any required expenses from D&B that will normally cost your clients up to $800 with them directly.

The Finance Suite is the only one in the world that lets your clients monitor their business credit reports in real-time as your clients are building their business credit, has direct integration with the business credit reporting agencies, gives your clients free Experian Smart Business access and a free DUNS number which will save your clients over $1,000. All of this shows how credible and valuable the Finance Suite truly is.