Build Business Credibility


Almost all lenders keep their underwriting guidelines secret. As a result most business owners who apply for financing are denied as they don’t meet some of the lenders requirements for approval.

In step 1 we actually reveal the lenders secret formula for approval. We go through all 20 secret points that lenders look at on their business funding application, and help insure your clients meet or exceed their requirements for approval.

By helping your clients meet lending requirements before they even apply, they then stand the best chance of approval.

In step 1 your clients will complete an online application. Along the way we help them understand what lenders must see for approval, and then offer them one-click solutions if they don’t meet that lending requirement now.

We can assist your clients with filing for the proper corporation entity, setting up a virtual address, obtaining a phone number, fax number, and toll free number. We also assist them in setting up their email address, getting their website up and running, insuring they have the proper licensing, and more all in step 1. We even help your clients secure a merchant account to accept credit cards if they don’t have one now.

As your clients proceed through the step they will be completing an online funding application. Once completed, this application information will then “auto-populate” on to their funding and credit applications as they proceed. This will save them a lot of time and make it easy for your clients to apply as they only complete an application once, and then that data auto-populates with most of their future credit and funding applications.

Step 1 and all other steps give your clients the ability to through each step with written and audio or video instructions. Your clients will also be assisted with our certified business credit coaches who will hold their hand as they help walk your clients through the funding approval and business credit building process.

Our team, and expert business advisors, take care of your clients and help them through the business credit building process so your clients don’t have to. This means your clients can simply sell the Finance Suite to their clients, then move on to make another sale while your clients are receiving exceptional service from their Finance Suite team.

As your clients complete step 1 they will finally know that they have a credible business that lenders will want to lend to. This makes it easier for them to get money for their business starting in step 2.